Stainless Steel Coffee Press

Stainless Steel Coffee Press: What Are The Benefits?

Making your coffee in a coffee press is a great option for many reasons. While there is a learning curve to brewing with this method if you are a beginner, once you find what works for you, you will never go back to using a traditional coffee pot for your coffee. Continue reading to learn more about this method for making the best cup of coffee ever and how I discovered it.

One day I was at a friend’s house and she gave me a cup of coffee. Now, I’ve had coffee from many cafes and made my own all the time, but this cup was special. There was something different about it and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. As we chatted and I enjoyed my drink, I finally got around to asking my friend about the coffee she used to make the morning’s treat. She told me that she had recently been given a stainless steel coffee press for her birthday. The questioner in my couldn’t take it any longer so I asked her to share more with me.

My friend and I ventured into her kitchen where she showed me the miraculous stainless steel coffee press. When I saw it, I was a bit surprised. I had actually seen one of these contraptions before, but I really didn’t know what it was. I was actually ready to kick myself for passing up coffee presses for so long. Anyway, my friend explained to me how to use the coffee press.

She started with fresh coffee beans. Then, she showed me how to grind them. The secret was to make sure they were coarse. This was important since they would be brewed a bit differently than the traditional method that I was used to. Once the coffee was ground, she put it in her stainless steel coffee press. While she was talking, I was looking over the direction book that came with the press. I really was soaking it all in.

Then, she added a small bit of hot water. She said this was to allow the beans to bloom, but it wasn’t a minute or so longer that she added even more water to the pot. Once there was enough water added, she covered the pot and let it brew for about five minutes. While the coffee was brewing, I learned quite a bit about the press and how it worked, and why it created such an amazing cup of coffee. Brewing the coffee this way allowed more of the bean’s flavor to be distributed into the drink. Not only that, but it allowed the bean’s oils to find their way into the drink as well. She felt like this was the secret behind the bold flavor.

When the coffee was finished brewing, she immediately poured it into a thermos. If the coffee was allowed to sit in the press, it would become bitter as the grounds sat in the liquid.

I was so glad that I had visited my friend that day. She introduced me to the coffee press and the best cup of coffee I had ever had. I learned more about this method of coffee making and I began to impress those who visited my home, including the friend who got me hooked on making coffee with a press. I had a slight coffee addiction before I learned about using a stainless steel coffee press, and now, I really enjoyed my coffee and drank more than ever before. I even turned a few friends and family members onto making coffee with a press.

Insulated Stainless Steel French Press

Buy An Insulated Stainless Steel French Press

Is a cup a coffee just a cup of coffee? In my opinion, no it is not. If you are anything like me, a true coffee lover, then drinking coffee is a ritual that deserves to be performed expertly and in the highest and most quality way possible. What do I mean by this? What I mean by this is that I love coffee so much that I refuse to drink inferior coffee, I refuse to use a drip coffee machine of any kind and that I prefer to use an insulated stainless steel French press.

I prefer to use a French press because it is one of the few ways of making coffee that is able to extract every last little bit of flavor out of coffee. A drip machine is simply not able to do this because it simply runs a stream of hot water through the coffee. With a French press you really heat the coffee and get it so hot that all the flavor comes out of it. The smell is so prefect that it drives your taste buds wild with excitement and the mere smell of coffee made like this is likely to send you off in a caffeinated blur of euphoria, this is simply how coffee should be made.

We aren’t even talking about any type of French press but an insulated stainless steel French press. We emphasize insulated because we do not want our coffee to get cold. Sure some days we drink iced coffee but most days we drink it hot and an insulated French press is able to keep our coffee hot all day long. This is great when you make coffee for other people too. I typically wake up before my wife and our insulated French press keeps her coffee warm.

We like stainless steel for many reasons. We like it because it looks great, modern and stylish. Stainless steel is also very durable and can survive a fall, which of course happens a lot at my house because I’m a bit of a klutz. Glass French presses are okay but glass isn’t insulated, it loses its temperature quickly and glass is far from durable. I can attest to having broken a few glass French presses over the years. Stainless steel will outlive you and will survive just about any fall. It is a good choice.

We bought our insulated stainless steel French press from an internet site. We had spend a few days looking for one locally without any look. It is amazing how you have to literally beg local shops to take your money or to help you. They make it hard to search their inventory and they rarely have what you need. We have found that with the internet that shops have a huge inventory to choose for, you can quickly find what you need, and the prices are usually really good.

If you are looking for a French press, we suggest that you look online and forget about local stores because local stores are not likely to have what you really need. They won’t have the right style or the right price.

As you can see, the only way to make coffee is carefully and with a French press. The best type of French press is stainless steel and insulated so that your coffee will stay warm all day long. A press is able to get all the flavor out of your coffee giving it a great strong taste that is sure to satisfy your taste buds and that is sure to wake you up.

Insulated French Press

Insulated French Press Is The Best

For ‘real’ coffee drinkers, you know the type who see a cup of coffee as more than a drink, but see their morning Joe as an evocation of the highest form of energy that allows them to face the day anew, standard drip coffee from a machine will just not work. For people who really love coffee, they are pretty particular about how it is made.  How coffee is made is as important as where you source your coffee beans and grind.  Somethings are worth doing manually, and coffee is just one of those things.  Sure you could just use a drip machine, but you could also eat McDonald’s instead of a Ruth’s Chris steak.

For coffee drinkers who are in the know, there is only one way to make coffee and that is via a French Press.  You might want to ask why a French Press?  The answer to that question is that a french press is able to get all the flavor out of your coffee so that the flavor is rich and so that the caffeine content is strong.  It really is the only way that anyone should drink coffee.  Once you use a French press, you will never want to have drip coffee again.

One thing about French Presses is that they are not all created the same.  There are cheap ones and there are expensive ones, but the type that we want to concern ourselves over in this article are insulated French presses.  We want to talk about the insulated type because they make the press even better than it already is and it extends its use and its usefulness.  You will see that it is the right choice for any serious coffee drinker who wants the best taste and the greatest experience.

An insulated French press is good to have because it is able to keep your coffee at the right temperature.  Regular French presses that are made of glass and or metal do not insulate your coffee well so that the temperature can quickly decrease giving you near room temperature coffee. Perhaps this is okay if you like to make iced coffee but for hot coffee drinkers this isn’t really good.  This is why you will want an insulated French press – it will be able to keep your coffee hot all day long so that you can have coffee through out the day.

Buying a French press is pretty easy, especially with the internet. Amazon offers a huge inventory of presses that will fit your need. When it comes to finding an insulated version you definitely want to find one via Amazon because selection is generally fairly limited at local retailers.  Also, the prices on Amazon are usually lower and you will find a much large inventory with an online vendor vs a local shop who is unlikely to have what you need.  Stick with the internet and you will be able to find the press that you need.

As you can see, a cup of coffee isn’t just a cup of coffee; it is a combination of the quality of coffee you use and how you make your coffee.  Drip machines do not make quality coffee but the French press does because it can extract more flavor and caffeine from your coffee beans or grind.  This is why most serious coffee drinkers either use a French press or they use the Turkish technique of allowing finely ground coffee to soak to the bottom of a how bowl, what they do not use is a drip machine.

The Best French Press

How To Find The Best French Press

Are you looking for the best coffee flavor available? If so, you should look into the best French press you can find. When you use a coffee press, as they are often called, you can create a cup of coffee that tastes like a bit of heaven. This method of coffee making is rather simple, and will become your new go-to method once you have tried it. Read on to learn more about this coffee brewing item that will help you enjoy the best coffee of your life.

What Is A French Press?
In 1929, Atillo Calimani patented this special piece of equipment to be used while brewing coffee. While he enjoyed his coffee made with his invention, and a few others did as well, it wasn’t until much later the French press coffee maker become popular and more widely used.

Why Is It Amazing?
Using a coffee press gives you the best possible flavor from the coffee beans. Not only do you get more of the bean’s delicious flavor, but the essential oils from the bean are included in your drink. This gives the coffee a bold and full flavor that you are sure to enjoy. Many times this boldness is lost when a paper coffee filter is used since much of the flavor become stuck in the filter itself.

What Kind Of Coffee Should I Use?
When you use a French press, the beans you use are quite important and can make or break the flavor of the drink. You want to use fresh beans that are coarsely ground.

How Do You Use The Best French Press?
Using this piece of equipment is quite easy and most people agree that it isn’t too difficult. You should start the process with coarsely ground coffee. Compared to traditional coffee grounds, you want the ones used in your French press a little coarser so they don’t seep through the press and into your drink.

To make your coffee, put the grounds into your press. Then you want to add hot water. The general rule of thumb is for coffee to water is 1:10. For instance, if you use one gram of coffee, add 10 grams of water. Of course, once you start using the press, you can play around with the ratio and find the one that works best for you.

Start by adding about a third of the water, stir, and allow it to bloom for almost a minute. Then, add the rest of the water. Cover the pot and allow it to brew for nearly four minutes. When the time is up, slowly press the plunger. This action will separate the grounds, leaving them at the bottom. Be sure to pour your coffee out of the press and into your mug, thermos or other container. If you leave it to sit in the press, the coffee will become quite bitter. Now your coffee is ready to enjoy. Once you add your condiments and it cools down, of course.

What Is The Best French Press?
When you want to use a coffee press, there are a few different options. Many coffee connoisseurs like to use a glass press. Another option, though is the stainless steel French press. This is a good choice because it is better at keeping your drink at a constant temperature. It keeps warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold. While the stainless steel options are priced a bit higher than the glass ones, they are more durable and won’t break like the glass.

As you can see, using a French press to make your coffee is a smart choice for many reasons.

Stainless Steel French Press

History Of The Stainless Steel French Press

These days, coffee is no longer merely a desperately needed over the counter stimulant served at breakfast, but a matter of socializing and culinary enjoyment. While talking over coffee is a time honored tradition in the western world, coffee for culinary pleasure has seen a resurgence in popularity in the western world, with specialty shops producing a dizzying array of specialty, designer and custom brewed coffees, some of which were largely unknown in the United States fifty years ago. Cappuccino is perhaps the most arch typical of the “fancy coffees” that are making the rounds in American culinary circles, but there’s actually many different types that are enjoying renewed popularity, as well as many new concoctions cropping up in coffee shops each day. Some are sweet and some are strong, but all contain the caffeine needed to function. One such evolutionary path of coffee is the French press, a specialized device for making coffee that many connoisseurs swear by.

While the French press coffee maker is new in the United States, it is actually a device that dates back to the 1950s in Europe. Despite the name, the French press was actually invented by a Milanese designer, but initially manufactured in a French clarinet factory. The device’s popularity grew rapidly and it wasn’t long before multiple companies were buying the patents to the device and manufacturing their own. In time the device and its coffee came to the United States, where it continues to grow in popularity among those who savor their coffee. A modern stainless steel French press consists on a narrow cylinder that serves a beaker, that is equipped with a metal or plastic lid that fits very tightly into the cylinder and has a filter consisting of either very fine wire or a nylon mesh. Making coffee in a French press requires coffee to be of a coarser grind than most drip brew filter systems. This is because finer grounds require far more force be applied with the user’s hands to lower the plunger of the device after the grounds get wet, sometimes even to the point of being potentially dangerous to the user. Finely ground coffee is also far more likely to seep through the filter into the coffee without being properly liquidated. Once ground coffee is placed into the empty beaker of a stainless steel French press, hot water is added to the pot, with 15 fluid ounces of water for each ounce of coffee being the recommended amounts, modified to the drinker’s personal tastes, so a 1:15 ratio of ground coffee to water. Once the water is added and poured in, the French press is covered and allowed to brew. It takes about two to four minutes, which varies depending on the size of the press. The plunger of the device is pressed to separate the grounds and keep them pinned in the bottom of the beaker. When it’s done, the finished coffee is poured out and is ready to be consumed.

One of the advantages of the French press coffee maker is that is it far more portable and self contained than other coffee makers. Some variants of the device are built in the size of travel mugs, though these are generally made out of tough plastics rather than stainless steel, and have a sealed lid with a resealable drinking hole. A stainless steel French press is particularly good at keeping coffee hot via insulation. WIth all this in mind, a French press coffee maker is certainly something to consider for people who like hot coffee on the go.